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Charles Lee Mudd Jr. began what is now Mudd Law in October 2001. At the beginning, Charles accepted pro bono cases through Lawyers for the Creative Arts and other organizations. Some of his first clients become successful and remain his clients today.

With Charles having been immersed in Internet and technology law for years, the firm soon acquired clients with issues in Internet law focusing on copyright, defamation, and privacy litigation. The firm has participated in developing precedential law in several key areas of Internet law including anonymity, personal jurisdiction, and defamation.
From 2001 to present, Mudd Law has grown to four attorneys representing clients throughout the world. The firm has litigated in state and federal courts throughout the United States. Charles has appeared before state and federal appellate courts, including filing a writ with the United States Supreme Court.

Additionally, Mudd Law provides representation to innovative startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses. It also represents artists and filmmakers. It protects those sued for alleged downloading of copyrighted works. And, it remains at the forefront of Internet, technology, and gaming law.


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Charles Mudd
One of our core substantive practice areas focuses on legal issues involving the 花猫破解版 and the conduct that occurs on and through it.

For more than a decade, our firm has advocated our clients' interests by using innovative and strategic legal strategies at the edge of Internet and technology development.
Within this substantive area, Mudd Law provides representation to individuals and businesses relating to online defamation, reputation management, domain name disputes, privacy, identity theft, social media, virtual worlds, unauthorized access to computers, eavesdropping, and so much more.

Our practice remains exciting, and our attorneys employ razor-sharp tactics to Internet legal issues.

Effective litigation strategy encompasses more than court proceedings. Our team provides strategic litigation implementation, mediation, collaborative principles, and other novel strategies to effectuate our clients' interests.

At its foundation, litigation involves court proceedings. Our attorneys appear regularly in state and federal courts across the United States at both trial and appeal levels. In this context, we represent both plaintiffs - those filing the lawsuits to protect their interests and recover losses - and defendants - those against whom the lawsuits have been filed.

By maintaining a balanced and principled representation of both sides (in separate lawsuits, of course), we maintain a well-versed understanding of the legal issues in our substantive areas.
Beyond court proceedings, litigation also encompasses mediation and collaborative efforts to resolve differences between parties. Our team continually implements traditional and novel approaches - outside of expensive court proceedings - to serve our clients' interests.

Whether seeking to file 花猫破解版, defend your interests against civil litigation, or respond to a subpoena, our firm will mobilize its experience and knowledge to your benefit.

To maintain the value of intellectual property, one needs to secure all available rights for the property, implement measures to protect such property, and be prepared to enforce those rights.

There exist four main components of intellectual property: Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, and Trade Secrets. The first three involve registration (sometimes referred to as prosecution) of intellectual property with various governmental bodies. Our firm regularly files applications to register copyrights and trademarks. For patents, we refer our clients to trusted colleagues outside our firm.

For trade secrets, the objective focuses instead on maintaining the secrecy of the proprietary information. We provide our clients with sound strategic procedures and agreements to secure against disclosure and react quickly and agressively when and if disclosure occurs.
As to aggressive enforcement, our litigation team represents our clients as plaintiffs in litigation to protect our clients and their copyright, trademark, and trade secret property. At the same time, we protect individuals and companies vigorously against litigation filed against them. Over the last ten years, this has included representing defendants of P2P and BitTorrent litigation.

Additionally, we provide guidance in responding to legal process such as being served with a subpoena.

Effective, written contracts serve an essential purpose to memorialize understandings, provide guidance when questions arise, and manifest tools to protect rights and property.

All contracts should be in writing. Beyond this guiding principle, effective contracts need to be written in such a way as to be clearly understood, concise, and without ambiguity. Contracts should also be written to effectuate and protect clients' interests being mindful of the general and specific goals.
Our firm drafts effective agreements and contracts for our clients in a wide range of contexts.

Defamation, privacy, and reputation interralate with each other. Our team understands the nuances in each of these areas.

Defamation can adversely affect the reputation of individuals and businesses dramatically. However, not all negative speech is defamatory. Understanding the difference and how to mobilize effective strategies depending on the speech at issue remains critical to effective resolution.

Beyond litigation, our firm provides certain reputation management services.
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